Web Cams

Welcome to our Traffic Web Cams page! Below you will find near-real time images from some of the most popular routes in the Bay Area. Additionally, you may click on the links below to play live traffic cam video provided by Caltrans.

TVD10 W80atIncline Traffic Webcam

Oakland – Bay Bridge Metering Lights
TV102 W580atJCT24 Traffic Webcam

Oakland – West 580 and Hwy 24
TV519 W580atRegatta Traffic Webcam

Richmond West 580 at Regatta
TV304 E80ATJCT101 Traffic Webcams

San Francisco – East I-80 at US Hwy 101
TV305 N101atCandlestick Traffic Webcams

South San Fran. North 101 at Candlestick
cam3 2 Traffic Webcams

San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge
TV388 N1PRESIDIO Traffic Webcams

San Francisco – North Hwy 1 Presidio Tunnel
TVE75 S101atJCT1 Traffic Webcams

San Francisco – South 101 at Hwy 1
TVE83 N101AtJCT580 Traffic Webcams

San Rafael – North 101 at 580
TVE86 N101atIGNACIO Traffic Webcams

Novato – North 101 at Ignacio
TVE73 N101atSpencer Traffic Webcams

Sausalito – North 101 at Spence
TVE03 E92atSub2 Traffic Webcams

San Mateo Bridge – High Rise
TVE07 E92atSub6 Traffic Webcams

San Mateo Bridge – Sub 6
TVC60 S880at101 Traffic Webcams

San Jose – North 880 at 101
TV711 S880atPaseoGrande Traffic Webcams

Hayward – 880 South and Hesperian
TVB21 S880at66th Traffic Webcams

Oakland – 880 North Coliseum

Caltrans Bay Area Live Traffic Cameras

If you want to learn more about Caltrans traffic cameras or are having issues viewing check out the FAQ page. The Caltrans live traffic videos require a free media player.
If you have additional web cams you would like use to consider for this page, please contact us.