Barry Kluger
Barry Kluger (3)

Barry Kluger is a 35+ year entertainment industry executive, having held senior posts at MTV Networks, Prodigy and USA Networks. He is a regular contributor to Huffington Post,, Boomerly and The Arizona Republic. A native New Yorker he is always entertaining, never boring and often controversial. You can learn more about Barry Kluger at
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Don Henninger
Don Henninger (3)

Don Henninger has been a top media executive and business leader for over 35 years in Arizona.

His newspaper journey ultimately led to his role as managing editor of the Arizona Republic and then later publisher/CEO of the Phoenix Business Journal.

His experience and connections were the basis for over 850 columns, must-reads for anyone in business.

He now works as a leadership, business development and communications consultant, with services ranging from public speaking and team building to executive-level relationship development.


Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams
Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams (2)

Academy Award Nominee, Actress, Author, Model, and Health & Nutrition advocate, Mariel Hemingway has teamed up with Adventurist, stunt man, Actor, and Health & Wellness guru, Bobby Williams to engage and enlighten people throughout the world as they share the knowledge and insight they have gained by “walking the walk”. Mariel and Bobby are partners in life and share a common vision of making each individual better, stronger, healthier, and happier while respecting the planet and all it has to offer. They tour the globe sharing their insights to crowds of people, and are currently working on a new book that chronicles their adventurous lifestyle, and allows people to view the world from a different perspective. Mariel and Bobby invite you to join them in making a better "you." They have been described as “hands-on, honest, and revolutionary” in their approach to living. Look at for products they love and more health and wellness inspiration

Jun S
Jun S (1)
Lynette Carrington
Lynette Carrington (2)

Award-winning wordsmith Lynette Carrington is the media specialist and features writer for City Brand Media.. With more than 12 years of print, online and television media experience at both the local and national levels, she has amassed a portfolio encompassing more than 14,000 published articles, book contributions and duties co-hosting a magazine television show.

Formerly, Lynette was a retail business owner and then an entertainment industry publicist who has an additional background in marketing and PR. She understands every facet of business and champions and promotes businesses, engaged networking and collaborative relationships.

Lynette sits on the Board of Directors for Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation, is a Toastmaster with Toastmasters International and received her college education at Rio Salado and Mesa Community College. Her work can be seen on City Brand Media sites, including